Life is too short for inefficiencies or false economies.

The Camgile consultants are keen to create true business value at all levels of product development. We bring proven best practices, technical expertise, creativity and analytical skills to deliver tangible outcomes. 

Camgile works with clients to bridge the gap between different skill pockets within their organisations, be it between technical departments or between the technical and the commercial departments. We advise on constructive solutions for the teams’ effective collaboration, with emphasis on the common goal.

Camgile offers technical and organisational due diligence, providing external advice on pressing business challenges. As independent professionals, we bring strong technology expertise, organisational know-how and a fresh experienced perspective over systems, solutions, technologies, processes, skills and personalities.

The Camgile consultants welcome a good technical challenge too. Our combined expertise spans from semiconductor materials, electronic design, sensors, embedded devices and control systems, to scalable cloud systems, secure decoupled event-driven microservices and continuous deployments. Our condensed technical expertise enables our projects to run efficiently, with minimum communication overhead. 

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