Quality Promise

We treat your challenges as our own and don’t settle until they are solved. Camgile works to de-risk your development and operations, and boost your capacity to deliver projects in time and without quality compromises.

We strive to meet and exceed your expectations, but if for whatever reason our work incerements do not meet your standards, we will not charge you. And for complete peace of mind, Camgile benefits from a comprehensive business and legal insurance package.

We will only charge you for the time strictly worked on the project (within the agreed bounds) and will deliver as soon as possible, as the Camgile consultants are naturally keen to roll up their sleeves and get things done. If we can meet your needs with less than one full-time person equivalent or on a contract length less than the initially agreed duration, we will deliver the results working on a part-time basis or on a shorter time-frame.

Camgile understands the value of intellectual property and our consultants will follow strict confidentiality and record-keeping rules, and assist you in taking the necessary legal steps for protecting your IP.

To protect your competitive advantage and our professional integrity, our consultants will not work with your direct competitors for six months after the end date of our contractual agreement.

Just as we learn and grow every day, we like to your business grow. If further work is needed on a permanent basis, we will help you recruit suitable employees and bring them up to speed.

Once our client, forever our partner. We will respond to your support requests if and when needed, regardless of how long ago our contract ended, promptly and at preferential rates.