Our Values

We take great pride from our work and from delivering excellent quality services. As a family business, we seek to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, for an organic growth based on client satisfaction and recommendations.

With earnest professionalism, we aim to meet and exceed our clients’ requirements as promptly as possible, getting early feedback and if needed course correction for minimum effort waste. This way we keep our clients’ invoices low, while increasing our ability to deliver subsequent contracts too.

Staying true to our Agile practices, we deliver regular increments and seek regular feedback from our clients. We are very keen to keep efficiency and effectiveness high on the projects we deliver, so we will not allow any potential miscommunication to endanger this goal. On the contrary, we gladly accept frequent validation that we are delivering solutions which are fit for purpose.

As much as Camgile loves technology simply for the great things it can do, achieving a positive business impact is the key objective. With an entrepreneurial perspective, the Camgile consultants speak both tech and business, taking the usual engineering trade-offs to the next level, where they meet the business requirements.

Camgile values honesty and fairness in all contexts, as they are sine qua non for a successful collaboration. If there are difficult conversations to be had, they happen timely, effectively and in a no-blame style, avoiding further complications. And if we don’t have the right resources for your project, we will tell you so openly and try to recommend one of our partners.

We are part of a fantastic tech ecosystem and we value the collegiality which we are fortunate to enjoy. We interact with our clients in an open and collaborative style, sharing a goal and working together towards it. CEO to the fresh intern, they receive utmost support and respect.

Not least, Camgile is active in remaining a good member of the business community in Cambridge and beyond, always happy to contribute and open to exploring synergies with new partners.