Fee Structure

Camgile proudly provides:

  1. Value for money without quality compromises;
  2. Unmatched service and convenience at affordable rates;
  3. A rare concentrated mix of interdisciplinary skills;
  4. A collaborative not transactional working relationship;
  5. Flexible and success-based payment options for peace of mind.

The Camgile fees and rates are tailored to the specific engagement to reflect the commercial value contribution, the business context, the complexity of the task, the engagement duration, possible travel requirements, and other associated costs.  

Camgile offers the following pricing and payment options:

  • FREE weekend consultations – If your problem makes you work over the weekend, then we are here with you! Book a virtual meeting and at least one of our consultants will support you in finding a solution and preparing a successful week!
  • One-off consultations – A professional discussion to match your business and technical requirements with the skills and ingenuity of our consultants, offering professional advice and implementation suggestions for overcoming difficult situations. Camgile charges a fixed £400+VAT fee plus travel expenses for one-off consultations up to 4h.
  • Hourly rates – Camgile remains true to the Agile mindset by adapting the resource allocation to the particular needs of the project. The hourly rate charged varies from project to project and is agreed with our clients to ensure a fair and sustainable business relation. Contact us for an estimate.
  • Success-based payment option – The Camgile services reduce the risks and inefficiencies inherent in the technology business world. Through the success-based payment option, we immediately take on us a part of the project risk, reassuring you of our commitment to high-quality outcomes. Contact us for details.
  • Alternative payment methods – Camgile truly supports small companies and considers alternative payment methods for high-potential clients with limited cash-flow. Contact us for details.

Our standard payment structure long-term projects is monthly invoices with net 30 terms, but if this does not work for you, let us know and we will find a way forward.