Management Consulting

Camgile offers Agile, strategy and due-diligence support services, with our contribution having a positive impact on teams, companies and stakeholders. In addition to professional experience, our advice and actions are based on cross-disciplinary understanding and thorough multi-lateral evaluation for discovering the root cause of inefficiencies and for enabling effective and sustainable solutions.

How can Camgile help from a management perspective?

For all external stakeholders, including prospective investors, funding bodies, buyers and customers, we provide technical due diligence by reviewing the robustness of the proposed technical solution and the feasibility of the delivery plan, as well as identifying risks in the development team and working practices.

For the management team of a new or transforming businesses, the Camgile consultants offer early support in technical strategy definition, architectural solutions preparation or review, selection of suitable technology stacks, refinement of team member profiles and role specifications, review of team structure and much more.

We provide an external perspective on working practices, identify areas of innefficiency and propose proven practical solutions. Through our Agile Coaching services, we create buy-in for Agile practices from the executive team and support the development team into adopting tailored DevOps and Agile processes, empowering the team to self-organise and continuously improve for high-quality, fast-paced results.

Technical teams can struggle with internal communication and establishing a delivery pace, especially as a changing team which has not found its balance and formed a delivery momentum yet. We introduce proven Agile practices and support their adoption until they become habits and the team can self-organise. Our Scrum Mastering services provide coordination and transparency as servant leaders in technical projects, enabling fast progress, continuous improvement and a regular tick to deliverables and customer feedback.

Cross-disciplinary projects present challenges in reconciling the various stakeholders of apparently conflicting perspectives and speaking different languages. With appreciation for the strengths and value brought by each party, our Product Owner services leverage our consultants’ technical breadth of experience, strong communication skills, ability to distil and articulate the key aspects, as well as problem-solve at a strategic level to find the best way forward. We treat these as opportunities to nurture collaboration, gather complementary knowledge and unify the multiple facets of the same truth in a stronger product vision.