Smart Devices and Systems

Our transistor-to-cloud expertise enables the design and development of smart devices and systems serving, among others, the detection & monitoring, fitness & wellbeing and asset-control applications of sensors, actuators, data converters, digital signal processing, data manipulation, embedded systems, parallel and heterogeneous computing, and wireless connectivity.

Such smart devices and systems, generating valuable insights and independent action, are covered comprehensively by our skills and expertise, transforming your challenges into technological innovation and business growth.

A selection of detection & monitoring tragets

Digitalisation is a key driver for smart detection & monitoring solutions, opening great opportunities for improving the performance, efficiency and safety of processes across the industry. Through the expertise of our consultants, Camgile offers great breadth and depth of knowledge in applying both custom-made and off-the-shelf sensing and data analysis solutions to suit your requirements. Our solutions range from on-chip integrated sensors to stand-alone multi-sensor platforms, sensing target analyte presence and concentration, temperature, pressure, fluid flow, electromagnetic radiation intensity, magentic field strenght and others.

Wearable pulse-oximeter ~35×40 mm2

Camgile is keen to contribute to resource-constrained designs by tailoring the technical solution not just to solve the fundamental problem, but to do so well within the practical power, size and cost requirements of the specific application. Consumer wearable technololgy is one such example, where we understand the subtle interaction between the technical and commercial product requirements.

The PitPat canine wearable fitness monitor

From contributing to development of smart connected-devices, Camgile consultants bring solid skills in low-power communication protocols, networking, security and effective solutions for data storage, processing and efficient retrieval.