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Daniela Radu

Camgile was founded by Daniela to provide technical and management consultancy services in the near term, and in-house commercial product development in the medium-to-long term.

Daniela was awarded an MSc Computer Science degree (University of Edinburgh, 2011) and a BEng Automation Engineering degree (Politehnica University Bucharest, 2010). Her over 10 years of relevant experience in software product development from start-ups to corporations includes:

  • developing automation and user-interfaces for microarray printers (Arrayjet);
  • developing the evidence management system of a medical platform (Toshiba Medical Visualisation Systems);
  • developing data aggregation, processing, and optimisation algorithms for control of electrical assets, leading geographically-distributed teams in the cloud platform development (Origami Energy);
  • providing secure and scalable cloud software development services to secure the usage of mobile phones (Trustonic);
  • offering management and Agile consultancy to a consumer electronics company. I helped establish effective processes within- and regular deliverables from the mobile-application team (PitPatPet);
  • offering technical, management and agile consultancy to a hard-metal multinational company establishing their digital function. I helped set the foundations for a reliable cross-continents cross-functional development team delivering at a good pace new functionality as well as proactive support and maintenance on the IoT cloud platform (Xylem).
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Bogdan Spiridon

Bogdan brings complementary technical, scientific and managerial skills to Camgile. He holds a PhD in the design and manufacturing of semiconductor devices (University of Cambridge, 2020), an MRes in sensor technologies and applications (University of Cambridge, 2016), and an MEng electronics and bioelectronics degree (University of Edinburgh, 2015). He is also a certified ScrumMaster since September 2020.

Bogdan contributed to interdisciplinary research comprising elements of materials science, engineering, data analysis, hardware processing and testing. He developed robust project management skills through extensive professional collaborations.

Bogdan accumulated relevant professional experience by working in start-up, corporate, academic, and charity environments and by leading a successful Cambridge University student society. His contributions included:

  • designing integrated-circuit smart-sensor electronics (Broadcom);
  • designing functional components of medical thawing units (Asymptote);
  • providing academic supervision to over 100 Cambridge students;
  • working as Teaching Assistant for the Engineering Department and the Judge Business School (University of Cambridge);
  • supporting technology entrepreneurs and coordinating a 10-strong committee as President and Chairperson (Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club);
  • layout for flexible electronics using programatic methods (PragmatIC);
  • product owning a sensors platform with great feedback from both the development team and the external stakeholders on the clarity of the message and the smart decision making (Xylem).