Software & Cloud Engineering

In a connected world, big data storage, processing and extracting information in the cloud is a need for all modern applications. We have proven track record in solving complex problems and delivering secure, robust server-side solutions which successfully meet the need.

Camgile has expertise in the full software development life cycle, from conception, prioritisation of key aspects, problem structuring, proposition of robust architecture, through agile development iterations of maintainable design and implementation, testing, peer review and customer feedback, all the way to automated deployment, configuration management, support in maintenance and troubleshooting.

Connected devices gather large amounts of data on the cloud. Camgile consultants support with design and/or development of efficient data management and intelligent processing run on the cloud to unlock the value in informing decisions or control automation for fast response applications.

Data Storage
Data Storage

From in memory databases (H2, Redis), SQL solutions (mySQL, mariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, RDS) all the way to big data noSQL solutions (Cassandra, Table Storage, MongoDB) we have transferable experience to efficiently deliver on your application’s needs.

From medical evidence management to securing mobile devices and energy trading platforms, the Camgile team have solid experience in designing, developing and deploying large-scale HTTP APIs, run as micro-services in an event-driven architecture.

Domain driven design decoupling engaged in our projects is supporting prompt delivery of functionality, with confidence of not impacting on existing legacy code, but also enables quick handover and less error-prone future maintenance or functionality extension, as the required cognitive load with the relevant context is kept low.

Cloud enabled IoT applications

Camgile consultants develop maintainable, scalable and secure cloud applications, leveraging the power of modern technologies to efficiently deliver results and easier overcome common operational challenges. We have extensive experience in developing cloud-agnostic software solutions, run within docker containers, orchestrated by Kubernetes clusters.

Having also developed custom applications running as executables on Windows Server or daemon services on Unix operating systems, we help with your software application need regardless of its operational requirements.

We have commercial programming experience in a number of programming and scripting languages, such as Java, Python and C++/C. Building on solid software development foundations, we easily pick up new technologies and we will select the right tool for the job. Reuse is important for us to promptly serve our clients, so we build on libraries and frameworks, such as Spring Boot, Boost and pandas, aiming to maximise the value created, while minimising the development and maintenance costs.

Origami Energy energy management platform

Virtual representations of certain aspects of the real world provide valuable insights at a lower cost and quicker than putting to practice the relevant test-cases. Building on prior commercial experience, Camgile engages engineering flair and analytical skills for pragmatic modelling and resource-bound simulations to support informed decision-making.