Product-development companies may need external help, but they might not know it!

Many companies suffer from hidden unnecessary costs in their development activities. Recognizing where the gap causing these is represents half of the resolution, getting help to bridge the gap is the second half.

Sometimes when we discuss about our offer, people recognize that one of the gaps we fill is one which they would expect to be catered for by middle management, leaders of technical teams.

In technology departments it is very common for the best developers to be retained by being offered a promotion to a team leadership position. Often this does not come with the needed training or qualification, as the fresh leader does not even know what to ask for. Sometimes they do not even have the personal drive to diverge into management duties from the interesting hands-on technical work they enjoy doing. This is understandable as they simply want to do more of the rewarding work that brought them the promotion, and which is prolific in development results as that is what they are good at.

This inevitably creates subtle, but growing gaps between the technology, the people and the business. As an independent party, we support our clients to identify these gaps and to bridge them, leaving the team well equipped to handle similar challenges going forward. And we also enjoy what we do and we had good results in doing this!

There will continue being a need for such guidance and gap filling, especially in transitional stages of a team or company, even if upper management might not always be fully aware of it. The technical leaders do not always articulate their need for initiatory, temporary guidance. They consider themselves problem-solvers, so it is not in their nature to take problems to their managers, but sometimes they simply need help to find the solution, especially if the problem is on another dimension than those they normally joggle with.

Give us a shout if you have a technical team that could benefit from some guidance. We’re here to help!